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The Painters - New Standalone Novella

I’m really proud of this new book…they’re all my “babies,” but this is my longest book so far at 30,000 words. I’m working up to writing a full-length novel, and I learned how to write and edit in larger chunks.

I put all the sex in this MMF book. If you love sex scenes, you’ll enjoy The Painters!


They gave her a week. She gave them her heart.

Rachel has dated since her divorce, but she’s bored with men who act too polite in bed. She’s dying for the kind of sex that can set her body aflame. Two gorgeous painters in her office fill her mind with fantasies she’d never act on. Or would she?

When the men proposition Rachel, she says yes…but only for a week. Ben and Alex heat up Rachel’s bed and show her how to take charge of her pleasure. Rachel develops feelings for the painters, and she thinks they feel the same. But when the week ends, can Rachel convince Alex and Ben to think of her as more than just a booty call?

The Painters – Available in ebook for $2.99

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