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Sharing Darcy is LIVE on Amazon!

I had a problem with this book. When I went to upload the manuscript and save it while it was on pre-order, it made a duplicate record. I spent time on the phone with two Amazon reps who said “I’ve never seen this happen before,” the only thing I could do was cancel the pre-order. 😞 Long story, but it’s fixed now.

If you had this book on pre-order, the pre-order was cancelled, and you received an email about it. Now it’s available again on Amazon. Coming to other vendors soon. I apologize for the inconvenience for those who pre-ordered.

Darcy is a successful interior designer with two bright college-aged daughters. Still recovering from a difficult marriage and divorce, she hasn’t dated much. When she schedules some renovations for her home, she meets sexy young contractor Gabe, who sets her libido on fire.

Gabe and his filthy talk thrills Darcy to her core. Then Darcy meets Jake, a tattooed mason who uses his rough hands to touch Darcy in all the right places. When finish carpenter Andrew starts flirting with her, Darcy questions whether she can handle a third lover along with her growing business.

Darcy needs to buckle down and win a design competition that could bring in enough business to pay her daughters’ tuition. But when the competition judges start to whisper about Darcy’s bedroom activities, Darcy worries she’ll lose the competition. What’s a woman to do, except give in to every smoldering desire, even if it costs her her everything?

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