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Pre-Order links for Landscaper in Love

Pre-order links are up for Landscaper in Love, Book 3 in The Landscaper Series. I’m so excited for you to read this book. It’s twice as long as The Landscaper and Landscaper in Love. It was very sexy, very emotional, and my favorite book to write (so far!)

Book 3 in The Landscaper Series


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He wasn’t paid to fall in love…

Kyle still can’t believe he’s having sex with the gorgeous Tracy Dawson while her husband Eric watches. When the Dawsons invite him to spend a long weekend at their vacation home on the lake, he jumps at the chance. Kyle gets to know Tracy in the quiet setting, and his affection for her grows deeper with every encounter. He’s falling in love with a married woman…

…and her husband. Kyle pushed his own boundaries when Eric asked to join them in bed. During the long weekend, the men take their physical relationship further, and forge an intimate connection. Kyle’s attraction to Eric brings on a whole new level of confusion and guilt.

If Kyle admits his feelings for the Dawsons, will they still invite him into their bed; or will he be left out in the cold?