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Evan's Wish, Now Available

 The Bullseye Club Book 1

(previously published in the Romantically Ever After Box set in April 2020. Same book, just republished with a new cover.)

Can he separate business from pleasure?

Hardworking Evan is proud of his maintenance job in the new apartment building in town. He’s saving up to buy a house, so his brother Matt has a place to live when he graduates from college. Matt’s trying to stay sober, and Evan wants to help him get a solid footing with a safe place to live.

Savvy real estate agent Brooke asks Evan to escort her to an event. She’s attracted to Evan, and after a pleasant date, she wants to see him again. Evan is not like the usual lawyers and businessmen she dates, and their attraction is undeniable.

But When Brooke offers to pay Evan to escort her to more events, he hesitates. He feels out of place at formal events, but he’s getting attached to the curvy brunette, and he needs the money. Can Evan learn to separate business from pleasure?

Evan’s Wish is a 40,000 word contemporary romantic comedy.