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Liam’s Desire
Book 2
Liam's Desire

Liam and Hope. Hope and Liam. The two of us go together like chocolate and peanut butter, even though we’re complete opposites—I’m a night owl, she’s an early bird. I’m a plumber, and she’s an IT manager. I’ve fallen completely in love with her, and she… somehow hasn’t noticed.

When Hope needs to crash at my place for a couple of weeks, I get to see more of her—a lot more of her in those thin pajamas she wears. When she starts looking for a serious boyfriend, it crushes me, but I won’t stand in her way.

One day, a friendly hug turns into a kiss, and that kiss leads to more. I suggest a romantic weekend away to launch myself out of the friend zone. There’s no going back to just being friends now. Right?

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