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Landscaper in Lust
Book 2
Landscaper in Lust
Their chemistry is undeniable. But can it ever be more than lust?

Two months have passed since my hotter-than-hell fling with Tracy Dawson. I still can’t get the beautiful brunette out of my head. When she calls, I run right back to her, and our chemistry is hotter than ever. 

Tracy’s wealthy husband Eric enjoyed paying me to pleasure her while he watched, but now he wants to join us in bed. Tall, muscular Eric is bossy and sexy, so I said yes. The three of us push boundaries with each encounter, and I get the feeling he wants more.

But how far am I truly willing to go?

Landscaper in Lust is a steamy book showing a man truly enjoying another man’s wife…with her husband’s permission.

“It’s hot, it’s well-written and I personally get off on the voyeuristic angle. What more could you ask for in an erotic book?” – Lord of the Books, Amazon



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This book is also available as part of: The Landscaper Series (Box Set)
What readers are saying:

“Oh My HOTNESS. I picked this up at lunch today and, ahem, well it was enough to make me late going back to work.”

~ Mary
Wicked Reads Review Team

"Robin Stone has totally captured the MMF aspect and set the book on fire...Beautifully crafted..."

~ Rodin

“This series just keeps getting better - and hotter.”

~ Seattle Reader

I found myself actually falling more for the husband in this tale, rather than the delightfully delicious landscaper..." 

~ Lori
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Chapter 1

I knocked on the door of my lover’s house, and her husband answered.

Damn, he looked good. Tall and even more handsome than last time. He wore his standard white shirt and black tailored pants. I was wearing my one decent outfit and clutching a bouquet of red roses. Eric reached out and grasped my hand tight, the way powerful men shake hands. I squeezed back.

“Kyle. Looking good.”


The last time I saw Eric, I put his wife over my lap and spanked her, finger-fucked her, and pounded her until she screamed. I left with an envelope full of cash, like I did every time I serviced his wife. 

Eric held my hand a little too long, then released me. 

Heels clicked on the tile. Tracy approached, swinging her hips and smiling. Her dark hair was swept up, accentuating her cheekbones. A chunky gold necklace drew attention to her cleavage, and a tight blue dress hugged her curves.

I held out the roses. They were hot pink, like the ones I’d planted in her yard.

“Thank you, Kyle.” She brought the bouquet to her nose. Lust and longing swept over me. She was standing inches away, and I couldn’t think of anything clever to say. Like how much I missed her, or how much I wanted to hold her against my chest. 

I cleared my throat. “Tracy. You look great.”

Great? That’s the best I could do?

I leaned down for a kiss. The moment our lips touched, warmth rushed over my body. Her mouth tasted like wine. I ran my tongue along the seam of her lips, and she let out a soft moan that went straight to my cock. I pulled away and looked at Eric. He gave me a wide grin.

“Come in.” He motioned to the kitchen. “Tracy’s been cooking all afternoon. You hungry?”

“Starvin’.” I’d worked a ten-hour day mowing lawns, planting bushes, and trimming trees. I was always hungry.

I followed them into the kitchen. Tracy trimmed the rose stems and put them in a vase. It felt strange to see Tracy with clothes on, standing in her kitchen and being domestic.

The kitchen table was set for three. Pots bubbled on the stove, and the scent of pasta filled the air.

My stomach growled. “Didn’t know you cooked.”

Tracy gave me her low, husky laugh. “I can do a lot of things you don’t know about.”

“Have a seat,” Eric said. “How’s business?”

I sat, and Eric poured me a glass of red wine. I was more of a beer guy, but I took a sip.

“Busy as hell,” I said. “Got a few more commercial contracts, thanks to you. I’ll have to hire some new employees.”

“Glad to hear it.”

Eric sat beside me, ramrod straight. Did the guy ever relax? His masculine scent mixed with the scent of the food, making my head swim. Tracy brought over a salad and filled up our bowls. I loved the way she moved. Slow and deliberate. Graceful but sexy, always putting on a show. She returned a few seconds later with another bowl. She heaped pasta and sauce on our plates and settled on the chair across from me. 

She brushed her hair over her shoulder and made a slow perusal of my face, chest, and hands. Eric nudged his chair close to the table, and his leg brushed mine, sending a jolt of heat up my spine.

“Sorry,” I said.

“Relax, Kyle.” Eric touched my arm briefly, then picked up his wine glass.

How could I relax with both of them so close? 

I took a bite of pasta and let out an embarrassing moan. It was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was a combination of flavors that melted in my mouth.

“Damn, Tracy. This is good.”

She nudged my calf. “Told you I could cook.”

Once I had food in my stomach, I relaxed. We spent the meal catching up and making deliberate eye contact. I liked getting to know the Dawsons outside the bedroom. Tracy said she liked to arrange flowers. I dragged my gaze from her cleavage and took in the floral arrangements on the counter and windowsill. She told me about growing up in New York with a big Italian family. She was the eldest of six, and often had to take care of her siblings.  

Eric’s posture relaxed as the wine bottle emptied. He listened to Tracy and nodded, but he didn’t tell me anything about his family. He said he golfed a little with his co-workers, but he didn’t love it. 

“You know what I love? Being on the water. The ocean, a lake.” 

In landlocked Vermont, Eric had to settle for lakes. I couldn’t picture Eric on the water, with his pale skin and heavy work schedule. He didn’t seem the outdoor type.

“You like boats, Kyle?” he asked.

“Sure.” The last boat I’d been in was a rowboat. I didn’t know a goddamned thing about boats.

“We have a speedboat at the lake house. You should come with us sometime.”

I hadn’t heard them talk about a second home before. “Sounds nice.”

DELETED“Are you still seeing Jen?” Tracy wound a lock of hair around her fingers. “The girl you told me about?”

“No.” I drained my glass and met her eyes. “It didn’t work out.”

“I’m sorry,” Tracy said. 

I shrugged. Jen and I had decent chemistry, but she thought she was better than me. She sneered at my apartment, and once she realized my landscaping business wasn’t a short-term gig, she lost interest. When she met someone in her office, I was relieved.DELETED

After dinner, I followed them into the living room. The housekeeper would finish the dishes in the morning. The Dawsons had a fleet of help: landscapers, a handyman, two maids, and a part-time cook. Tracy dismissed them every evening before Eric came home. 

Tracy sat to my left on a huge gray couch with the softest fabric I’d ever felt. Eric sat in a nearby chair. His eyes followed my movements. I was trying to figure out what to say when Tracy put her hand on my chest.

“Missed you,” she whispered. 

I touched her hand. My fingers were big and rough against her soft skin. I brushed my thumb over her rings. Her wedding band was covered in diamonds, and her engagement ring had a rock that was so big, it looked fake.

“Missed you, too.”

I wondered, not for the first time, how a man could share a woman like this. I leaned over and kissed her. She slid her fingers into my hair, kissing me back and pressing against me so tight, it was hard to breathe.

I was about to push her onto the cushion when she slung her leg over mine and straddled my hips. I slid my hands over her thin dress, remembering the silky feel of her skin on mine. 

She rose to her knees, pushing her breasts in my face. I tugged the fabric until a large, curvy breast popped out. I forgot about Eric and sucked Tracy’s nipple until it tightened in my mouth.  

She pressed against my growing cock. I pulled the bottom of her dress up over her ass, feeling for underwear.

She wasn’t wearing any.

Of course.

“Fuck, Tracy.” 

I hiked her dress up to her waist, and we spent several minutes grinding, groping, and panting. When Tracy fastened her lips to my neck, I looked at Eric and saw a distinctive bulge in his pants. 

“Lick me,” she breathed into my ear. 

My whole body shook with need. Tracy climbed off me and arranged a blanket on the cushion. 

“Sure you want to do this here?” I asked. Tracy squirted if she got really turned on. “This couch looks expensive.”

Eric chuckled.

“Yes. Hurry, please.”

I kneeled before her on the carpet and unbuttoned my shirt. I threw it aside as Tracy opened her legs. Her pussy was still shaved bare, and her lips were pink and slick. I licked her thigh, tasting her skin and inhaling her musk.

She spread her legs wider and put her hands on my head. I kept my eyes open so I could watch Eric with my peripheral vision. He licked his lips, and his hand moved toward his cock.

Tracy squirmed, grabbing my hair and pushing my mouth toward her clit. I gave it a soft flick with my tongue, eliciting a deep moan. I teased her, running my tongue down her slit and pressing it into her wet opening. I fucked her with my mouth until her wetness coated my chin. 


Her moans filled the room, bouncing off the high ceiling. Eric started rubbing his shaft through his pants. My cock throbbed as I imagined shoving down my pants and sinking into her wet heat.

I put my hands beneath her ass and hauled her closer, focusing on her clit. When I lifted her legs over my shoulders, Eric grunted. I slid two fingers into her and she cried out, digging her nails into my arms.

I pumped slowly at first, increasing my speed when her ass lifted off the couch. I wondered if Eric was playing with himself, but I didn’t want to lose my rhythm. I licked her faster and faster, in time with the strokes of my fingers until her legs tensed and she screamed.

Two short bursts of fluid filled my throat. She bucked against me, wailing and trembling. I swallowed everything she gave me, cleaning her with my tongue and lips until her legs relaxed and her breathing slowed. 

“Did she squirt?” Eric asked.

I nodded. Eric exhaled and leaned back in the chair.

“Good girl,” he purred.

“Oh, baby, that felt so good.”

I couldn’t tell if she was talking to Eric or me, but it didn’t matter. She squeezed my hands, and my heart caught in my chest. I leaned against the couch, catching my breath. 

Eric adjusted his pants. “I wanted to talk to Kyle before we went upstairs.”

“Sorry, honey, I couldn’t wait.”

She pushed her leg against my side. I wrapped my hand around her calf and placed a soft kiss on her knee. 

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked.

“You and Tracy still have an obvious connection,” Eric said. “I’d like to continue the arrangement we had before.” 

I nodded.

“We’ll discuss pay later, if you don’t mind.” His eyes met mine, and my stomach fluttered. “I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with the amount.”


I came over to fuck Tracy again, but I wouldn’t lie and say I didn’t care about the money. I was mostly over the guilt about getting paid for sex; they were both willing, and they could afford it. The money helped bring my business out of debt.

I stood and picked up my shirt. Tracy’s naked body looked almost obscene in the ornate living room. 

“One more thing,” Eric said.

“Yeah?” I asked, a little breathless.

“I’d like to join you and Tracy in bed.”

My pulse pounded in my throat. What the fuck? I’d fantasized about a threesome, but I was afraid to ask for it.

“What exactly are we talking about?”

“Me,” he said. “In bed with you and Tracy. Not participating. Well, not at first.” 

Jesus, was I considering this? Eric’s tongue darted out to coat his bottom lip, and my cock throbbed. 

Tracy looked up at me from beneath her dark lashes. “What do you think, Kyle?”

No thinking. Wanting. I glanced at the stairs, then took Tracy’s hand. 

“Let’s go.”

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