One blizzard, one small bed, two ex-lovers. What could go wrong?

Broken-hearted Grant retreats to a cabin in the woods to work on his master’s thesis and escape the sadness of a recent breakup. A blizzard is on the way, but Grant has food, books, and a cozy fireplace. But when a loud knock jolts Grant from his chair, he’s stunned to see his intense ex-boyfriend, Adam…

Adam wants to win back Grant’s love, but it won’t be easy. Harsh words were spoken during their breakup, and Adam’s struggling to heal from his wounded past. Grant wants to start a family, but Adam can’t imagine being a father…

The men cooperate to stay safe and warm during the blizzard, but they can’t deny their feverish attraction. They discuss a future together, but old hurts surface. Can Adam and Grant resolve their differences and have the future they always planned, or will this weekend be their final goodbye?

This is a 20,000 word standalone M/M novella.

This book was a finalist in the novella category in Passionate Ink's Passionate Plume contest in 2018.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:Melanie S. on Amazon wrote:

"Grant and Adam are both believable and likable. They work through things the way committed lovers do. They consider things from the point of view of a life together, rather than 'what's in it for me'. Their love/sex scenes are beautiful, sweet and scorchingly hot, perfectly described by the author's spare and evocative prose. Robin Stone writes some of the most moving and engaging erotica out there, and The Carpenter is one of her very best."

Kashunna on Amazon wrote:

"This book was packed with tension and heat from start to finish. Adam and Grant made my heart soar with the love they shared. It was so sweet you couldn't help but root for them. They were two completely different personalities that fit so well together...I have been in love with Robin Stone since The Carpenter series but I must say, her first attempt at MM was absolutely amazing. I'm forever a fan!!! One-click it, you don't wanna miss this!"

wee bit o' whiskey on wee bit o' whiskey wrote:

"...This tale was able to be both genuinely sweet and feverishly hot. The tender romance was endearing and the erotica oh-so-enticing."

Tanja on Amazon wrote:

"The author captured the emotions of trying to get together after a break up remarkably well: the awkwardness of being together again, the simmering attraction and the still present love for each other. I totally can see this happening in real life."

avid reader on Amazon wrote:

"The sex is very well done and quite hot. The actual making up is understated and not drama laden...I could feel the love coming off the pages."