Book Cover: The Landscaper Series Box Set
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-944514-13-6
Pages: 350
Paperback: $ 13.99
ISBN: 978-1-944514-14-3
Pages: 369

She said her husband was at work. He wasn't.

Kyle enjoys working outdoors as the owner of a small landscaping business. Most of his customers stay inside while Kyle and his crew take care of their yards.

But not Tracy Dawson, the rich housewife who lives on the hill. Tracy spends summer afternoons beside the pool, watching Kyle from behind her dark sunglasses. Her flirtatious banter and low-cut bathing suits fuel Kyle's fantasies.

Tracy invites him into the guest house for a little afternoon delight. But when Tracy admits her husband was watching, Kyle gets ready for a beat-down. Instead, Mr. Dawson makes Kyle an offer he can't refuse...

Kyle begins a relationship with Tracy and Eric that takes him places he never imagined. The chemistry between the threesome intensifies over time, and Kyle joins them on vacations.

But when Tracy bursts into tears and Eric shares his doubts about the relationship, Kyle is thrown into a tailspin. Can they resolve their differences and stay together forever?

This 77,000 word book contains scenes with: M/F, M/M, M/M/F, and M/F/M. This box set contains books 1-4 of The Landscaper Series.

Also available in print from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:Queenie on Amazon wrote:

"The continuous emotional turmoil is so real to life that it will leave you in tears one minute and laughing the next. A beautiful story with a beautiful ending…"

Shannan, Wicked Reads wrote:

“…explosive sexual tension…”

Lori, wee bit o’ whiskey wrote:

“…My emotions ran the gamut from heartbreaking fear to utter joy… Tumultuous at times, but always sensual. The conclusion was the only viable ending, and it was a stunner!”

Shadow Knight on Amazon wrote:

"Great stories to read at night with a significant other beside you to share in the love, the heartache, the passion and the deep emotions of the characters involved."

Rhonda on Goodreads wrote:

"There are some emotional scenes in the 4th and final book but of course, the reader gets their HEA. I cried a little bit at the ending. Get the box set and settle in for an evening of steamy sex and emotions."

Crazy Dance Mom on Amazon wrote:

"I read all of this series as individual stories. But I liked it so much I read it again..this is almost as sweet as it is hot. I loved the plot, loved the characters, and loved the heat."

Patient Lee, Writerotica wrote:

“…In addition to sex so hot it made me squirm in my chair, I was impressed with Stone's clean, slick writing…”