Their chemistry is undeniable. But can it ever be more than lust?

Two months have passed since my hotter-than-hell fling with Tracy Dawson. I still can’t get the beautiful brunette out of my head. When she calls, I run right back to her, and our chemistry is hotter than ever. 

Tracy’s wealthy husband Eric enjoyed paying me to pleasure her while he watched, but now he wants to join us in bed. Tall, muscular Eric is bossy and sexy, so I said yes. The three of us push boundaries with each encounter, and I get the feeling he wants more.

But how far am I truly willing to go?

This 14,000 word book contains M/F, M/F/M and is Book 2 in The Landscaper Series.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:wee bit o' whiskey on wee bit o' whiskey wrote:

"The story may pick up two months later but the action continues as hot and heavy as if there was no break between the two releases. Steamy and exhilarating yet utterly sensual. This novella left me dry-mouthed and weak-kneed with staccato heart palpitations and an all encompassing body heat."

Sandra on Goodreads wrote:

"If you're looking for a book that's hot and steamy and will have you pushing your thighs together really tight, then this is the book for you....I kid you not, this book has it all...the follow up to this amazing story is on the horizon and I will be first in the queue on its release. If you're a lover of menage stories, this book is for you..."

Patient Lee on Writerotica wrote:

"...the author inches the reader closer and closer to watching these two sexy men do it...In addition to the smoking hot sex (and clean, slick writing), this book makes the reader FEEL right along with the characters. I am in love with all three of them, desperate to know if Eric and Tracy have the same feelings for Kyle that he (and I) have for both of them...This is a short book, but it delivers a truck load of heat and emotion..."

Paige on Goodreads wrote:

"...This book was H.O.T. With it's voyeuristic nature and the slowly building M/M/F relationship, I was seriously overheating. Tracy and Kyle were smoking hot together with Eric just watching but when all there were involved, I was in smutty heaven...overall this is my favorite short story by Robin Stone and I'm excited for more."

Rodin on Goodreads wrote:

"The second book in the series and even better than the first. Kyle and Tracy burn the pages!...Robin Stone has totally captured the MMF aspect and set the book on fire. Not a conventional book in this genre..."

Fionna on Goodreads wrote:

"This series just keeps getting better - and hotter. Yes, the sex is as electrifying as before, but with added complexity as our hero finds himself emotionally entangled in this unusual threesome relationship.... I love it when characters have to grapple with themselves, their desires and sexuality, their hopes and dreams. And when that's served up with erotica as spicy as this, well, all I can say is bring on book #3!"