Book Cover: Delivery Man
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-944514-01-3
Pages: 76

There're something sexy about a man out of uniform.

Derek likes working for SpeeDee Delivery. Days pass quickly, and running to and from the truck helps keep him in shape for the summer baseball season.

Ella is a fashion blogger who spends long days at her computer, surrounded by clothes, jewelry and accessories. Days pass where she doesn’t see a soul, except for the cute delivery man with bright blue eyes and a rockin’ bod.

When Ella offers Derek a cold drink one summer afternoon, the conversation turns from friendly to flirty. But will Derek risk his job for a secret fling with Ella?

This is an 18,000 word standalone M/F novella.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:Honeybee on Amazon wrote:

"It's a fun read, written with just enough attention to the details that capture the scene and the characters without slowing the plot's momentum. I would definitely read anything Robin Stone writes."

Liz on Amazon wrote:

"The relationship between Ella and Derek made sense and felt real and logical. It was well paced and I just really enjoyed reading about these two people...I really feel like this author is someone to watch."

Tara on Amazon wrote:

"This was a sizzling hot story from the first to the last page. I absolutely loved it!...Both Derek’s and Ella’s characters are well rounded and engaging. Their passion for each other is palpable and results in characters who are extremely sexy and at the same time believable. The sex scenes in the book were smoking hot and perfectly complement a well-structured story...I will definitely be reading more of her books."

N. R. Borromeo on Amazon wrote:

"I love the premise for Robin Stone's debut collection....a handyman series! Such a cute idea. If you have ever fantasized about the UPS man, then this is your book. The writing is tight, there's a cute little story, and I loved the "timed" deliveries. This is erotica just the way I like and sexy, but with a nice dose of sweetness, too."

Twarla on Goodreads wrote:

"...The only way I can properly explain this story is to ask you to remember a time in your life when you encountered someone you just met, someone you knew nothing about, someone you were attracted to, someone you had to have, someone you knew came with consequences, but you took the risk anyway because YOU JUST COULDN'T STOP YOURSELF. I wasn't prepared....The chemistry between these characters is so strong, the sex was spicy, spontaneous, and fantastic..."