Book Cover: Blue Collar Box Set
Part of the Anthologies series:
  • Blue Collar Box Set
ISBN: 978-1-944514-19-8

Robin's four standalone novellas all in one convenient box set!

Delivery Man - M/F

Derek is a package delivery man. Running to and from the truck helps keep him in shape for summer baseball. Ella is a fashion blogger who works from home. Days pass where she doesn’t see a soul, except for the cute delivery man with bright blue eyes and a rockin’ bod. When Ella offers Derek a cold drink, the flirting begins. But will Derek risk his job for a secret fling with Ella?

Toy With Me - M/F

Greg and Anna have been married for twenty years. Greg’s planning a romantic weekend to help reconnect with his wife before their nest empties. Sexy time is limited these days, and one lovemaking session seems just like the next…Until Greg buys a set of toys and introduces Anna to a whole new world of pleasure. Will their sexy weekend to remind them of the close couple they used to be?

The Painters - M/M/F

Rachel’s dying for the kind of sex that can set her body aflame. Two gorgeous painters in her office fill her mind with fantasies she’d never act on. Or would she? When the men proposition Rachel, she says yes…but only for a week. Ben and Alex show her how to take charge of her pleasure. But when the week ends, can Rachel convince Alex and Ben to think of her as more than just a booty call?

The Carpenter - M/M

Grant retreats to a cabin in the woods during a blizzard to escape the sadness of a recent breakup. When he hears a knock, he’s stunned to see his ex-boyfriend, Adam. The men can’t deny their feverish attraction, but old hurts surface. Grant wants a family, but Adam can’t imagine being a father. Can the men have the future they always planned, or will this weekend be their final goodbye?

Each book is a standalone story with a happy ending.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:soccergypsy on Goodreads wrote:

Delivery Man: “Who hasn’t had a delivery fantasy? Yet this story maintains the illusion of a realistic possibility and gives hope that one can find love no matter the obstacle.”

Melanie on Goodreads wrote:

“Toy With Me is unabashedly erotic and soul-satisfying from a writer with a unique voice.”

Katherine on Goodreads wrote:

“I loved The Landscaper and didn’t think anything would top that series because I fell in love and never wanted to leave. But now I want The Painters, I want them in my bed now!”

Kashunna Fly on Goodreads wrote:

The Carpenter: “This book was packed with tension from start to finish. Adam and Grant made my heart soar with the love they shared.”