Book Cover: Evan's Wish
Part of the The Bullseye Club series:

✦ Can he separate business from pleasure? 

Hardworking Evan is proud of his maintenance job in the new condo building in town. He’s saving up to buy a house so his brother Matt has a place to live when he graduates from college. Matt’s trying to stay sober, and Evan wants to help him get a solid footing with a safe place to live.

Savvy real estate agent Brooke asks Evan to escort her to an event. She’s attracted to Evan, and after a pleasant date, she wants to see him more. Evan is not like the usual lawyers and business men she dates, and their attraction is undeniable.

But When Brooke offers to pay Evan to escort her to more events, he hesitates. He feels out of place at formal events. But he’s getting attached to the curvy brunette, and he needs the money. Can Evan learn to separate business from pleasure?

Evan's Wish is Book 1 in a new series called The Bullseye Club.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing

I climbed my aluminum ladder for the hundredth time that day, but my mind was on the sexy brunette pacing the kitchen floor.

Concentrate. Just install this alarm, and you can go to lunch.

I was going around to the condos in the building and adding a new alarm speaker to the interior of each unit. The high-end building was less than a year old, and the hallways still smelled of fresh paint. The fire alarm in the hallways had gone off a few times, but some of the residents said they couldn’t hear it inside the units, so we had to install speakers inside each condo.

The electricians had already been in to run the wires. I just had to hang up a decorative faceplate and help test the alarms. Tightening one of the screws, I dropped the second one on the floor. I cursed under my breath and climbed down the ladder, scanning the floor for the tiny screw.


The woman talked on her phone while she paced. The scent of her floral perfume filled my nostrils. She looked all business in her silky white blouse, fitted beige skirt, and heels.

“I know,” she said into her phone. “Yes.”

She crouched down and picked up the screw. I got a nice view of her shapely calves, but tried not to stare. When she held up the screw, I held out my hand, and she dropped the screw into my palm.

“Thanks,” I whispered.

She gave me a quick nod. I climbed back up the ladder and installed the screw.

The view I had from the ladder was distracting. The woman had bent over to shake some food into a pet bowl, and her shaking movements made her curvy ass sway. My screwdriver stopped midair while I watched.

She cradled her phone against her ear and picked up the pet’s water bowl to refill at the sink. I heard a loud male voice on the phone. I looked back at the grate so she wouldn’t notice me staring.

The truth was, I’d noticed 3B—Brooke Sinclair—on my first day of work three months ago. She was walking briskly through the lobby, her phone glued to her ear. She nodded at me as I mopped the lobby floor. I held the door open once when she was carrying in bags of groceries, and she gave me a brilliant smile, causing my skin to heat beneath my uniform.

I think she did something with real estate because I heard her saying things like “lakefront property” and “quartz countertops.” She was always dressed in skirts or fitted pantsuits and wore pearls or gold necklaces. She had to have money to live in a place like this.

“We’ll talk about it in the meeting tomorrow,” she said.

She sounded annoyed, her heels clicking on the tile floor as she paced. She had curves I liked, and her clothing accentuated every one. I liked a woman with meat on her bones.

I pictured filling my hands with her nice, round butt, hauling her up against me and sliding my hands up her ribcage.

I looked back at my work, knowing I shouldn’t be thinking this way about one of the residents. But I hadn’t dated in a while, and this woman was filling my thoughts every time I saw her.

“Right. Yes, that closing is next week.”

A gray cat sauntered into the kitchen, purring and rubbing itself against her legs. She bent down and gave the cat a scratch behind the ears.

“Hey, punkin,” she whispered. “You’re a good girl.”

The cat went to her bowl and started eating.

“Listen,” she said in a take-charge voice I liked. “I need to let you go. I’ll see you in the office later. Yes. Goodbye.” She hung up and placed her phone on the counter. “Sorry about that.”

“No problem, Miss Sinclair.”

She gave me her wide smile, and her pretty face lit up.

“Please, call me Brooke.”

“No problem, Miss…uh, Brooke,” I said. “I’m almost finished.”

I concentrated on screwing the new speaker faceplate on, mindful she was still watching me. I willed my skin to stay cool as I worked the screwdriver, awareness zinging through my body.

The units in this building sold for over four-hundred-fifty-thousand dollars. I was saving for a house of my own, but couldn’t imagine being able to afford that much—not that I even liked the building. The soaring, glass-filled lobby always seemed cold and impersonal. The individual units were okay, depending on how the owners decorated.

Units owned by single men could be pretty bland, but I liked Brooke’s unit. She had family photos on the walls, colored throw pillows and area rugs, bright blue and yellow bowls. Lots of books, and even a few board games. It felt happy and relaxed.

I put my screwdriver into my belt, climbed down, and folded the ladder shut.

“All done,” I said. “They’ll send out a notice before they test the alarms.”

“Thank you, Evan,” she said.

I looked up, surprised that she knew my name. She pointed to my embroidered name tag.

“Oh, right,” I said.

Most people didn’t even bother to learn our names. I hoisted the ladder up and opened her door. I put the ladder in the hall and turned to grab my toolbox.

“Do you like working here, Evan?” she asked.

“Sure.” I picked up my toolbox. “Nice new building. Nice people.”

She stepped closer, and I got a better look at her face—pretty blue eyes, long eyelashes, and a few freckles on her nose and cheeks. I thought she might be older than me, but not by much. It was hard to tell with some people. She wore a gold chain around her neck, and small gold earrings.

“Where did you work before you came here?” she asked.

“At the apartment complexes on Second Street.”

“I know them. A builder is looking to put up a new apartment building at the vacant lot at the end of that street.”

“Oh yeah?” I asked. “You know the builder?”

“I’m a real estate agent.” She walked to a kitchen drawer, took out a business card, and handed it to me. “I work for Turner Real Estate.”

I shifted my toolbox to my left hand and reached out with my right. Her fingertips brushed mine, and she drew in a sharp breath at our touch. My pulse pounded, and I looked down at the card to break our intense eye contact.

“Thanks.” I tucked the card into my tool belt. “I’m looking to buy in a year or so.”

“Good! Why don’t you give me your number?”


She pushed a pad of paper and a pen toward me on the counter, and I wrote down my info.

Silence stretched between us. Her gaze dropped to my chest, then slid back up to my mouth. It had been a while, but I knew when I was being checked out.

And I liked it.

Her blue eyes met mine again, and her full lips quirked.

“It’s been a pleasure, Evan.” She closed the door behind me.

I picked up my ladder and whistled as I walked down the hall to the next unit, thinking about blue eyes and curves, hoping I’d see her again soon.

Reviews:Melanie S. on Amazon wrote:

"...a sweet, super-sexy Cinderella story - a deliciously modern recasting of the classic fairy tale as only writer Robin Stone could deliver. I loved every perfectly paced, touching minute of it, all the way to HEA."

Rhonda on Goodreads wrote:

"Evan and Brooke's story was great and I loved watching them grow into their relationship..."

Book Cover: Brazen Player

We’re both playing the game. But who’s going to win?


I should get this promotion to the executive team. I have experience. Loyalty. Smarts.
But the one thing I don’t have is the one thing I’ve never been able to achieve: a family.
My personal life shouldn’t matter, but the executive team is filled with family men and women.
Me? I’ve had a revolving door of dates. It’s just the way I like things—casual, no-strings.
But it’s time to toss out the little black book and get serious.
I need a woman who’s feisty, someone who can handle me.
Someone strong and funny and intelligent.
Someone like that hot little brunette I see in the elevator who sets my libido on fire.
It’s lust at first sight.
Too bad she can’t stand me.

Men—the bane of my existence!
Between my nuisance ex and people who think a woman doesn’t belong on a construction site…well, they can all kiss my curvy ass.
As a home renovation expert, I know my way around power tools.
I’m taking things to the next level, renovating and flipping a condo in a high-end building.
I’m out of my element here. I can tell by the way the unit owners look down their noses at my paint-stained clothing and work boots.
Especially the snob in the suit I meet in the elevator.
He thinks he’s better than me. I certainly don’t need a snooty jerk like him…
Until he makes me an offer I can’t refuse.

Publisher: Cocky Hero Club, Inc.

Chapter 1



I nearly choked on my glass of water. What the hell was that noise?

Putting down my water, I stalked to my front door and opened it to look into the hallway.


Closing the door, I went back to the kitchen and downed my morning vitamins and more water. My building was normally quiet, but maybe someone was having renovations done on their unit. I quickly checked my reflection in the mirror. My tie was a little off, so I straightened it and smoothed back an errant piece of hair. I left, locking the door behind me and walking briskly to the elevator.


After pressing the elevator button, I glanced at my watch—enough time to pick up my coffee and a newspaper and still get to the office while it was quiet. Mornings were my favorite—I planned out my day, read my paper, and started work until others start filing into the office.

Even Marcy, my secretary, didn’t come in until eight-thirty. As soon as she came in, she delivers phone messages and paperwork, immediately sending my day into chaos.

I pressed the button again, wondering why the hell it’s taking so long. At seven in the morning, I rarely saw anyone in the elevator.

The door finally opened, and I stepped inside, pressing the button for the basement garage. As the doors start to close, a small hand appeared between the doors, and they slid open again.

“Ooh, just in time,” a woman’s voice says.

Looking to see which button I pressed, she leaned against the side of the elevator, holding the metal rail.

Her brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. A form-fitting pink t-shirt hugged her breasts, and a pair of denim jean shorts showed off curvy hips. My gaze took in her strong, tanned legs, ending in pink socks and dirty work boots. I tried to speak but was distracted by her presence.

She scratched her neck, and I notice unpainted nails and no jewelry. Her heart-shaped face was stunningly pretty. She had brown eyes, and pink lips without a hint of lipstick. Small freckles danced over her nose and across her cheeks. Her whole face was bare of makeup, but that didn’t matter—she was a natural beauty.

I’d never seen her before, but I needed to know who she was.

“You new in the building?”

“Oh, no. I’d never live in a building like this.” She shook her head. “Not my style.”

I raised my brow. Interesting. There’s always a long wait list to get into this condo building. It was only a few years old, in a prime location, and the units had fantastic views and high-end finishes.

“Logan Forrester,” I said, holding out my right hand. “I live in 605.”

“I’m Olivia.” Her smile was gorgeous, with nice teeth and dimples on each side of her mouth. “Olivia Watts. I’ve seen you in the sixth-floor hallway. I’m renovating a unit down the hall from you, a one-bedroom, one bath.”

“I heard the banging just now. We have rules against construction noise at all hours.”

“Yes, I know. We’re allowed to start at seven. We’re just knocking down a short wall. It won’t take long.” She scanned me from head to toe. “Don’t worry, Mr. Forrester, I won’t interrupt your precious sleep.”

My jaw dropped at her tone. Not many people talked to me that way, especially someone I’d just met. The elevator dinged, and the doors opened

“Have a nice day,” she said and headed into the basement.

Irritated, I walked after her. She took a right and I followed, since that’s where my car was parked. My eyes focused on her denim-clad ass as it swayed before me. She headed to a red pickup truck, dingy with dirt and scratches.

My black sedan gleamed in the overhead lights. After I climbed in and started the engine, I turned the radio to my favorite classical music station. A quick look into my rearview mirror showed the bed of her red pickup truck stopped behind me.

Pressing the button to roll down my window, I stick my head out to say something. Olivia’s passenger window was open, and she leaned toward it.

“Nice car, rich boy!” she yelled, then her tires squealed on the garage floor as she took off.

I drove to work, fuming at my inability to speak around the woman. Normally I was a smooth talker, bantering with women, charming them into giving me their phone numbers.

“Never mind,” I said out loud, planning to scold her about squealing her tires in the garage the next time I see her.

My favorite coffee shop was packed with a long line, and when I finally got to the register, I had a new barista who didn’t know me. She took forever to make my usual drink.

The newspaper display was empty, so I looked around for one of the baristas I knew and flagged her down.

“April, why haven’t the papers been delivered yet?”

“Oh, I know. I’m sorry, Logan. The truck never showed up this morning. I’m not sure what happened.”

“It’s fine, I’ll live. Thank you, April.”

The morning wasn’t going my way at all. Back in my car, I took a small sip of the coffee. The barista had gotten my drink slightly wrong, just as I suspected. It wasn’t awful, but I liked my usual order.

When I got to the office, I pulled into my designated spot. I rode the elevator to my floor, determined to make the rest of the day go smoothly. A late start or anything out of the ordinary in the morning could set a bad tone for the day.

I almost choked on my coffee when I saw Marcy at her desk, turning on her computer. Her blonde hair was straight today, and her navy dress was impeccable as usual, but seeing her this early just seemed wrong.

“Marcy. It’s a bit early for you, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but I’m taking a long lunch for a dentist appointment.”

“You know you can take as much time as you need for appointments. You don’t need to make up every minute.”

“I know. I also want to do a little shopping since the dentist is near my favorite clothing store.”

“Alright.” I wasn’t a tyrant. “Marcy, please hold any calls or visits until eight-thirty. My morning has gotten off to an odd start, and I need some quiet time.”

“Yes, Mr. Forrester.”

“Marcy, please, you’ve worked here for four years. You can call me Logan. No one is even here yet.” I opened the door to my office, grinning. “Even the twenty-year-old barista at the coffee shop calls me Logan.”

She gave me a soft laugh, and I closed the door. Marcy insisted on using my last name because she thought it sounded more professional. She did that when it was just the two of us, just to be a smart-ass and to stay in practice so she didn’t use my first name in front of important colleagues or visitors.

Some of the men in the office raised their brows when they saw how pretty Marcy was, but she was my friend, and one of the few people who didn’t take my shit. Her work for me was impeccable. She was also happily married—a line I’d never cross.

Besides, I liked brunettes more.

I put down my coffee and started my computer, thinking about Olivia and her comment in the garage. Rich boy. Ha! My parents were wealthy, but they made me get a job to help pay for college. They wanted me to be a hard worker, just as they were.

I started in an entry-level job after college and worked my way up the ladder, changing companies and going after good raises. I saved money for a good down-payment on my condo, my retirement already held a healthy balance, and I was just thirty-three.

My car was a treat to myself for being promoted to upper-level management a few years ago. So what if I worked hard and treated myself occasionally? I took a sip of coffee. What was her last name again?

“Watts. Olivia Watts,” I said, trying her name out in my mouth.

What did she know about me?


Instead of reading my paper, I searched for her name online, and the screen filled with results. Olivia owned her own renovation company. Interesting. I skimmed several newspaper articles about her, which praised her for being a woman-owned business who hired mostly women. She also helped to build houses for a local charity called A Mother’s Heart that fixed up homes for single mothers.

“Very nice, Olivia, but you’re still rude as hell.”

Leaning back in my chair, I pictured her long ponytail. A few pieces of hair had escaped and framed her face. I bet they were soft.

And those hips—damn. She was really curvy in those shorts. The type of woman I usually gravitated to wore skirts and blouses, or tailored suits, nice jewelry, and shoes that cost a fortune. And I’d never seen a woman in dirty work boots.

Enough about that, it was time to get to work. After minimizing the screen with photos and articles about Olivia, I settled in to read my paper and start working. At eight-thirty sharp, Marcy knocked.

“Come in, Marcy.”

She came in with a small notebook.

“I just got a call to change your two o’clock meeting to three.”

We discussed my afternoon and the other projects I was working on. When she left, I brought up the screen with Olivia’s picture. Her smile was brilliant, and she had nice brown eyes.

Something stirred deep in my chest. I hadn’t had a serious relationship in years. The last one didn’t end well, and I’d been on a hiatus from dating.

Olivia had to be in a relationship. A woman like that had to have a boyfriend or husband.

I settle into reading a report, trying not to think about soft brown hair and dirty work boots.


The rest of the day passed with meetings, paperwork, and emails. At five-thirty, Marcy came in.

“All done for the day. Do you need anything before I leave?”

“No, Marcy. I’m good. Have a good night.”

I was reading a file, but I put it down and leaned back in my chair. Normally, I worked until seven or later, but tonight, I wasn’t feeling it. I was hungry and tired from my afternoon conference calls and meetings.

Turning in my chair, I looked out the enormous windows behind my desk. The view from the twelfth floor was impressive—city streets, tall buildings, cars and trucks zooming by. At night, I liked to look at the lights in the other buildings.

I straightened the folders on my desk and shut off my computer. If Marcy saw me leaving this early, she’d faint, but I reached a good stopping point, and I wanted to leave.

And I had to see if a certain brunette was still on my floor.

When I walked out of my office, I heard Toby and Jack’s voices in the hallway. Seeing Toby made my jaw clench.

“Forrester,” Toby said. He had a giant head and enormous teeth, but he thought he looked like a model. “Leaving so soon? Thought we’d run something by you.”

“Yes, I’m leaving. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.”

Toby looked at his watch. “Pretty early to be checking out for the night, Forrester.”

“I put in plenty of work today.” I looked at his stupid goatee, which he dyed to match his hair, but it just called attention to his teeth. “Got here hours before you did.”

Toby laughed, a deep guffaw that made me cringe. He acted like everyone’s friend, but he’d stab you in the back for a nickel.

“Hot date tonight?” He wiggled his brows. Toby thought he was popular with the ladies, but our women colleagues turned and went the other way when they saw him approach.

“Oh, lay off him,” Jack said. “We’ll catch you tomorrow, Logan.”

Jack and Toby wore dark gray suits and blue ties today, as if they’d planned it. Jack was a decent guy if you got him alone, but he acted like an ass when Toby was around.

They left, and I walked to the elevator, anxious to leave before someone else stopped me.

By the time I reached the elevator, I was shaking my head. What the hell was I doing? Hoping to get a glance at a woman I didn’t know? A woman who called me rich boy?

The ride home was filled with more traffic since I was leaving at a normal hour, but I turned on my music and zoned out during the ride. When I stepped off the elevator on my floor, I stopped in my hallway and listened.

No construction noise, but I heard two women talking. Was one of them Olivia? I walked toward the voices, a few units down from my own. Their door was open, and I looked inside. Olivia and another woman were sitting on plastic crates and eating sandwiches.

“Uh, who are you?” the other woman asked.

Olivia smirked.

“This is the guy I told you about this morning,” Olivia said. “Kim, meet rich boy.”

Reviews:Wendy on Goodreads wrote:

"This is a new author to me, but I will certainly be looking out for her work in the future, and this story is a great addition to an awesome series... a well written story which is sweet, fun, light-hearted, and with humor, witty banter, emotions, and is an entertaining all-consuming page turner. I look forward to reading more from this talented author."

Stital on Goodreads wrote:

"I really like Robin's portrayal of Olivia as a self sufficient and fierce female lead. With a sweet and lighthearted atmosphere and a simple, flowing story, the undertone of equality and that girls can do anything they want to do is the cherry on top for this entertaining, feel-good, easy-to-read book."

Rhonda on Goodreads wrote:

"Being a fan of Robin Stone and her books, I was thrilled when I found out she was writing in this world. Brazen Player did not disappoint me. I loved watching Logan and Olivia at first, fight their desires and then slowly give in...Loved the whole story and is one I'll reread in the future!!"

This novella was previously published as The Letter in the Finders Keepers romance anthology in 2019. 

He lost his true love. Will he ever find another?

Single dad Garrett Hollis is a busy mechanic running his garage in town. Since his wife died, he goes to work, picks up his active six-year-old daughter from day care, cooks and cleans, then tucks her in at night. Garrett collapses into bed exhausted. His nosy sister has tried setting him up, but who has time for dating?

Melanie Sutton is the new children’s librarian in town. She’s sworn off men after a series of dating disasters…until she notices the hot dad who’s totally devoted to his daughter. When Garrett asks Melanie out, she agrees. Maybe a date or two while he shows her around town won’t hurt.

Things heat up between Garrett and Melanie, and he’s eager to spend more time with her. Even his daughter is getting attached. But when Garrett finds out a secret Melanie’s been keeping from him, can he ever forgive her? Or will he put his walls up and retreat to the safety of being alone?

The Letter is a 23,000 word contemporary romance novella featuring a hot single dad, a cute six-year-old, and a librarian who’s almost given up on love. 

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing

Chapter 1


Coaxing my five-year-old daughter from her hiding place behind the couch was not the best way to start a Monday.

“Sadie?” I asked, squatting beside the couch. “Come out of there. If we don’t leave in the next five minutes, we’ll be late.”

Silence. And then a shuffling sound.

“I don’t care,” she said.

I let out a long sigh and glanced at my watch. If we left now, we could make it to the dentist in time. I’d have to stay with Sadie clasping my hand in a death grip through the appointment; then I’d drop her off at school and get to work a little late.


Getting to work late wouldn’t be a problem. My two best mechanics would be there to open the garage. But I had a ton of emails to deal with, a new order to place, three interviews for a new mechanic, and Sadie’s birthday party to plan.

“Sadie.” My voice had a bit of an edge now. “Dr. Adams is a very nice dentist. It won’t hurt. You know that. And you can pick the bubblegum tooth polish.”

Sadie’s head peeked out from behind the couch. She frowned.

“Kara had two cabidies and had to get drilled!”

“They’re called cavities, honey, and you’ve never had any before.” I could feel time ticking away. “If you come out right now, I’ll buy you some new stickers after school.”

I wasn’t above bribery, but I wasn’t about to yell, either. I tried to be patient with Sadie. She had several phobias beside the dentist, including the dark, spiders, and clowns.

“Promise?” she asked.

“Promise,” I said. “Now can you come out?”

There was a pause, and a shuffle. The curtain behind the couch moved, and Sadie stood up. Her dark, wavy hair that she’d just combed five minutes ago was messy, but at least her shirt and shorts matched today.

Score one for Dad.

I lifted my hand, and she walked over to me, placing her small hand in mine. I gave it a light squeeze, and we walked to the kitchen. I grabbed my keys, and Sadie grabbed her backpack.

She was quiet during the short ride to the dentist. I put one of Sadie’s CDs on, hoping she’d sing along in her high, clear voice, but she didn’t.

I adjusted my rearview mirror and studied her face at a red light. She was looking out the window with a somber expression. My phone rang, but I let it go to voice mail.

“Big day coming up,” I said with false cheer in my voice. “The big six! And your party on Saturday.”


Sadie wasn’t usually so quiet, but going to the dentist made her nervous. I decided not to push, and by the time we pulled into the parking lot at the dentist, she was humming to one of the songs on the CD.

I turned off the engine and touched the photo of my wife I’d clipped to the visor. The picture was only about six years old, but it was wrinkled and curling from being touched so much.

“I’m taking our baby to the dentist,” I said to the picture.

“Stop tellin’ Mama I’m a baby,” Sadie said. “I’m almost six.”

She unclipped her own seat belt and climbed out of her booster seat.

“You’re right,” I said. “Six is a big deal. In the fall you’ll be in first grade.”

“Six-year-olds aren’t afraid of the dentist,” she informed me as we crossed the parking lot.

“What about five-year-olds?”

“I’m almost six, so I’m not scared of the dentist now. I’m gonna be brave today.”

We stopped in front of the door, and I brushed my hand over her hair. Damn, she looked more like her mother every day.

“I know you will, Sadie. I know. You’re my brave girl.”

The appointment went well. Dr. Adams was really patient with Sadie, and I thanked her profusely. She smiled at me and patted my arm the way people did with widowers. I knew they meant well, but sometimes it irritated me.

That and the whispers when they thought I couldn’t hear.

“The poor thing,” they’d whisper. “All alone with that little girl.”

But I wasn’t alone. I had my sister Erica and her family, my dad, and the people at the shop, who were like family. My sister made sure to stick her nose into my business on a frequent basis. I knew she’d be in the shop today, dropping off my lunch. I was used to the guys razzing me about it, but I didn’t care.

The dentist was close to Sadie’s school, and after I dropped her off, I headed back to the shop. I parked in my usual spot behind the building, noting the number of cars lined up outside. It was a nice spring day in Vermont, and the guys had the bay doors open.

I went in the front door. A few customers were sitting in the waiting area.

“Hey, Garrett,” Amy said. “Three messages. How was the dentist?”

I took the message slips from her. “She hid behind the couch again when it was time to leave. I had to bribe her with stickers, but she got through it.”

“That’s my girl! I’ll have to get her some stickers, too.”

Amy grinned. She loved Sadie stories. With her bright smile and friendly attitude, Amy was perfect for working at the front desk. She checked in customers and took payments.

I said hello to Bruce and Greg on the way to my small office in the back. I spent about half an hour returning phone calls and emails before I went to the shop to help out. I was a hands-on boss, and I liked it that way. I loved fixing cars, but I did less and less of it these days as managerial tasks took over my days.

The rest of the morning flew by. I fixed brakes, rotated tires, and changed the oil in several cars. My stomach was growling by the time Erica came in holding a bag of food.

“Yoo hoo, where’s my baby brother?” she called.

Bruce and Greg’s laughter echoed through the large space. I put my wrench down and grabbed a rag to wipe my hands. I walked over to the counter. Erica had taken out three containers filled with food.

“They’re not all for you,” Erica said. “I brought enough for Bruce and Greg, too. Ziti and meatballs.”

“What about Amy?” I asked in mock horror. “Surely you didn’t forget her.”

“I’ve got mine.” Amy held up her container.

“Can you go stick those in the fridge for now?” I asked. “My hands are filthy.”

“Sure,” Erica said.

“Where are all the ankle-biters?” I asked. “I’m so used to seeing kids clinging to you.”

Erica’s bold laughter echoed through the reception area. “I know! I escaped. Roger’s mom came over today. She’s keeping the kids busy while I run some errands. Then I’m going to clean out the closet.”

Erica was organizing her large closet so she could put a desk inside. It was the only spot in her house that wasn’t bursting with kid stuff. She said she was also going to put a lock on the door. Her husband agreed to move his clothes to a hall closet.

“Ooh, the big closet clean-out,” Amy said.

“Yup. Today’s the day! I bought the desk. I just need somebody to come over and put it together for me.”

She looked squarely at me.

“Uh, isn’t that a job for your husband?” I asked.

Erica rolled her eyes. “Roger would put it together all wrong. Then I’d have to call you anyway…”

“Fine,” I said. “After Sadie’s birthday party.”

Erica smiled. She looked like our mother with her dimples and curly blonde hair.

“You’re a handy guy to have around, baby brother. Any woman would be lucky to have you.”

My neck heated. “Don’t you have a closet to clean?”

“Oh, that reminds me,” Erica said. She put her purse on the counter and dug out a piece of paper. “This is for you.”

I held up my greasy hands.

“I’ll just stick it right in here.” She folded it and stuck it into my shirt pocket.

“What is it?” I asked.

“A phone number. Roger’s coworker’s friend. She’s very pretty and she’s single.”

“Goodbye, Erica,” I said, walking away.

“She’s very nice. You’ll thank me later!”

I walked down the hall to the staff bathroom and started washing my hands. I looked at myself in the mirror while I scrubbed. I had bags under my eyes. My dirty-blond hair was cut short, but I had some scruff growing on my face.

My wife told me I was handsome, but what woman would want me now? I worked long hours at the garage and had a kid to take care of. I wasn’t exactly hot dating material. After Becca died, I just couldn’t fathom the idea of dating, let alone getting married again. Eventually I went on a few first and second dates, but I never got close to another woman.

I just couldn’t help comparing them to my Becca.

I dried my hands with a paper towel and tossed it in the trash. I took the paper out of my shirt pocket and looked at the name and number. The woman was probably fine, but I tossed it in the men’s room trash where Amy and Erica wouldn’t see.

Because love…it wasn’t for me. Not anymore.

And I’d made peace with that, even if my sister hadn’t.

Reviews:J Odenhouse on Goodreads wrote:

"...I love that Garrett is not a billionaire. He’s blue collar and it completely works. His daughter is too sweet and brought a smile to my face. A fantastic story that very well could happen."

DebraR on Amazon wrote:

"A captivating page turner...Believable characters; the chemistry between them is instant and off the charts. Definitely recommended!"

Brenda J on Amazon wrote:

"Once again Robin lets us know why guys that work with their hands are hot, Hot, HOT!!"

Book Cover: Sharing Courtney
Part of the No Limits series:

Sharing Courtney, A Reverse Harem Romance (No Limits Book 2)

Coming June 12th, 2020

Being a single mom is challenging, and Courtney hasn’t had much luck squeezing dating into her life. Between work, taking care of her two teen sons and their busy sports schedule, most nights she’s exhausted before her head hits the pillow.

Courtney sees her friend dating more than one man, and she gives it a try, flirting with the men who pave her driveway. There’s quiet and brooding Sam, whose touch makes her shiver. Sam’s loud and fun friend Justin takes Courtney to new heights of pleasure with his dirty talk. And suave Victor can do things with his fingers and mouth Courtney never experienced as a married woman.

When Courtney’s ex finds out she’s dating three men, he tries to declare her an unfit mother and gain full custody of their sons. But Courtney has a strategy to win against her ex, with a little help from her new lovers.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing

A Reverse Harem Romance

Book Cover: Sharing Darcy
Part of the No Limits series:

Sharing Darcy, A Reverse Harem Romance (No Limits Book 1)

Is four a crowd or a sexy delight?

Darcy is a successful interior designer with two bright college-aged daughters. Still recovering from a difficult marriage and divorce, she hasn't dated much. When she schedules some renovations for her home, she meets sexy young contractor Gabe, who sets her libido on fire.

Gabe and his filthy talk thrills Darcy to her core. Then Darcy meets Jake, a tattooed mason who uses his rough hands to touch Darcy in all the right places. When finish carpenter Andrew starts flirting with her, Darcy questions whether she can handle a third lover along with her growing business.

Darcy needs to buckle down and win a design competition that could bring in enough business to pay her daughters’ tuition. But when the competition judges start to whisper about Darcy’s bedroom activities, Darcy worries she’ll lose the competition. What’s a woman to do, except give in to every smoldering desire, even if it costs her her everything?

Sharing Darcy is a 44,000 word erotic romance reverse harem novel with sexy handyman heroes competing for one woman’s attention.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:Melanie on Amazon wrote:

“...Robin’s writing is truly unique, uniquely grounded in the real world, and filled with the details of real living…It’s like I lived in Darcy’s skin! And the sexual tension was off-the-charts – times three!!“

Lisa on Amazon wrote:

"Smoking hot. Grabbed my attention from the first page and never let it go. Amazing storyline and characters. Lots of drama and back and forth banter."

SleepReader on Booksprout wrote:

"I have really enjoyed reading this book, the author did such a great job developing the characters... Also, it caused me to lose quite a bit of sleep while I was reading it, because it was so hard to put down at night."

Karen on Goodreads wrote:

"...Darcy exacts the best revenge by living her life the way she wants to, growing her business, and allowing love to come back into her life in the form of three younger men. I enjoyed the dynamic between the characters, and Darcy’s confidence growth with every day she takes back control of her life..."

Book Cover: Blue Collar Box Set
Part of the Anthologies series:
  • Blue Collar Box Set
ISBN: 978-1-944514-19-8

Robin's four standalone novellas all in one convenient box set!

Delivery Man - M/F

Derek is a package delivery man. Running to and from the truck helps keep him in shape for summer baseball. Ella is a fashion blogger who works from home. Days pass where she doesn’t see a soul, except for the cute delivery man with bright blue eyes and a rockin’ bod. When Ella offers Derek a cold drink, the flirting begins. But will Derek risk his job for a secret fling with Ella?

Toy With Me - M/F

Greg and Anna have been married for twenty years. Greg’s planning a romantic weekend to help reconnect with his wife before their nest empties. Sexy time is limited these days, and one lovemaking session seems just like the next…Until Greg buys a set of toys and introduces Anna to a whole new world of pleasure. Will their sexy weekend to remind them of the close couple they used to be?

The Painters - M/M/F

Rachel’s dying for the kind of sex that can set her body aflame. Two gorgeous painters in her office fill her mind with fantasies she’d never act on. Or would she? When the men proposition Rachel, she says yes…but only for a week. Ben and Alex show her how to take charge of her pleasure. But when the week ends, can Rachel convince Alex and Ben to think of her as more than just a booty call?

The Carpenter - M/M

Grant retreats to a cabin in the woods during a blizzard to escape the sadness of a recent breakup. When he hears a knock, he’s stunned to see his ex-boyfriend, Adam. The men can’t deny their feverish attraction, but old hurts surface. Grant wants a family, but Adam can’t imagine being a father. Can the men have the future they always planned, or will this weekend be their final goodbye?

Each book is a standalone story with a happy ending.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:soccergypsy on Goodreads wrote:

Delivery Man: “Who hasn’t had a delivery fantasy? Yet this story maintains the illusion of a realistic possibility and gives hope that one can find love no matter the obstacle.”

Melanie on Goodreads wrote:

“Toy With Me is unabashedly erotic and soul-satisfying from a writer with a unique voice.”

Katherine on Goodreads wrote:

“I loved The Landscaper and didn’t think anything would top that series because I fell in love and never wanted to leave. But now I want The Painters, I want them in my bed now!”

Kashunna Fly on Goodreads wrote:

The Carpenter: “This book was packed with tension from start to finish. Adam and Grant made my heart soar with the love they shared.”

A holiday he'll always remember...

Two years have passed since Kyle accepted Tracy and Eric Dawson’s ring and swore to love them forever. Kyle enjoys keeping his lovers warm as they prepare for the holidays and wait for their summer commitment ceremony.

But when the Dawsons suggest holding the ceremony on New Year’s Eve instead, Kyle hesitates. Tracy and Eric’s parties are legendary, but a lavish ceremony isn’t his style.

When his landscaping trucks are vandalized, Kyle fears he’s being targeted for his polyamorous lifestyle. Can Kyle keep Tracy and Eric safe, and will they finally get their Happily Ever After?

The Landscaper’s Christmas is an MMF erotic romance and is book 5 in The Landscaper series. Click here to purchase books 1-4.



The woman I loved more than life trembled beneath me. Tracy’s dark hair was splayed over the pillow, and her lips were swollen with my kisses. The scent of lube, candles, and aroused woman filled the air.

I’d spent the last hour kissing her, licking her pussy, and making her scream. The sheets were soaked, and her body trembled from her last orgasm.

I swiped my aching cock against her slick opening, shaking with desire.

“Kyle,” she whispered. “Please.”

This was our last night alone. Eric was coming home tomorrow from a business trip, but all thoughts of Eric Dawson drifted from my mind as his wife wrapped her legs around me.

One shift of my hips and I’ll be inside her. She was so soft and wet and ready, digging her nails into my shoulders and lifting her pelvis.


“Please, what?” I licked the tender spot beneath her ear.

“Love me,” she said. “Please love me.”

“I do. I love you so much, it hurts.”

I told Tracy I loved her every day, but did she really know? Did she hear how my breath caught when she slid her fingers over my hand? Did she notice how I came right home from work just to pull her into my arms?

I pulled back a little, then sank into her heat with one deep thrust.

We gasped, holding each other as her body adjusted. I made shallow thrusts, bumping my shaft against her swollen clit. I loved how her breasts shifted against my chest, and her breathing turned to little gasps that made my balls clench.

“Kyle. Harder.”

I pushed up on my hands and drove into her, and her legs tightened as she urged me on. Sweat dripped down my cheek. I closed my eyes, loving the hot clasp of her pussy.

“Yes!” she cried. “Oh, yes!”

My hips bumped against hers, and the headboard banged against the wall.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

God, I loved fucking her in this king-sized bed.

Eric’s bed.

A wave of guilt trickled up my spine, but I pushed it away and concentrated on making Tracy come.

Thump thump thump.

“Feels. So. Good.” My heart thundered. “So fucking good!”

She clenched her pussy in tight pulses.

“Not gonna last if you keep that up,” I warned.

She did it again, and I gritted my teeth, trying to hold back. Her cries grew louder and her tits bounced. Her cheeks turned red, and a few strands of damp hair stuck to her forehead. She was so fucking sexy, and tonight she was all mine.

Thump. Thumpthumpthumpthump.

Tracy’s back arched, and her nails dug into my arms. Just a few more seconds…


She let out a scream, bucking against me, and we came together hard, pulsing and moaning. We knew each other’s bodies well enough to be in sync. Her orgasm was long, and I ground against her, helping to draw it out as I came. When we finished, I lowered myself on shaky arms. Putting her hands on my face, she kissed me, our bodies still locked together.

“I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.”

Cradling her head in my hands, I studied her pretty brown eyes. I’d memorized the curve of her long, dark lashes. The angle of her jaw. The way her eyebrows raised when she laughed or furrowed when we argued.

I wondered if the spark would cool over time, but more than two years later, it seemed stronger than ever. I wanted her more every day. We had a blast living together, fucking and laughing.

And Eric… the fire grew hotter with him, too. We made love to Tracy together, working hard to give her all the pleasure and love she needed.

I fell for Tracy first, but Eric Dawson held a big piece of my heart. He showed me how to love another man, and how two men could love the same woman.

When my cock softened, I pulled out and laid beside her. Tracy was stunning after sex with her messy hair, flushed skin, and sexy smile.

“Damn, that was good,” I said.

I put my left hand on her stomach, and Tracy touched the gold band on my finger. Eric slipped it on my finger during our vacation to Hawaii two years ago, when the Dawsons asked me to be with them forever.

I remembered Tracy’s hair blowing in the wind, her white dress fluttering around her tanned legs. Running my fingers through Eric’s salt-and-pepper hair. His green eyes filling with tears. I remembered the surprise, the happiness, and the love as we kissed and embraced on the sand.

“I miss him,” she said, reading my mind.

“Me, too.”

The lucky bastard was in Florida while we froze our asses off in Vermont. The yard was covered in two feet of snow, and the temperature was below freezing. A storm was brewing, and I worried about Eric’s flight being delayed. Tracy was anxious to start our Christmas traditions and finalize the details for the big New Year’s Eve party… and start planning our commitment ceremony.

“Only six months,” she said, squeezing my hand. “I can’t wait.”

My stomach fluttered, and not in a good way. The commitment ceremony was set for June. We talked about it for months, but I dragged my feet about setting a date, telling them I didn’t need a ceremony to prove I loved them.

I finally said yes, and Tracy started making calls. The planning grew in size and scope until my stomach churned. I loved the Dawsons more than anything, but I wasn’t a fan of their big, fancy shindigs. They had tons of friends and family to invite.

I had friends, but my parents didn’t speak to me, something that depressed me during the holidays. I pointed out the amount of work it would take to have the big New Year’s party, then our ceremony just six months later, but Tracy didn’t care. She loved planning and hosting parties.

“I gotta clean up,” I said.

Kissing her cheek, I climbed out of bed, avoiding her gaze. She could read my emotions, and I didn’t want her to know I was having second thoughts. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower.


I needed to speak up before things got out of hand. Hell, it was already out of hand. Tracy was ordering flowers and a caterer for the ceremony. At first, she said we could do something small, but plans quickly grew to include dozens of guests and a DJ. 

The last thing I wanted to do was disappoint them. Did we really need all the fuss? I didn’t need anything fancy.

I got into the shower and rubbed shampoo into my hair, running conversations through my head.

Guys, I gotta tell you something…


I love you both, but…

It sounded like I was breaking up with them, but that’s not what I wanted. I was theirs forever—I took their ring, and I meant it—but something deep inside made me think I didn’t deserve their love and kindness.

Tracy came into the bathroom, opened the shower door, and turned on the second shower head. I loved the roomy shower with the dual heads and glass doors. It was made for fucking, and we’d made full use of it over the past few days.

I turned to face her. Tracy wet her hair, water droplets dripping over her breasts.

“Are you okay?” she asked. “You got up so fast.”

I finished rinsing my hair and wrapped my arms around her. She relaxed in my arms, and I pressed a kiss on her mouth. I usually liked to lounge in bed and hold her after sex. She kissed me, and we drifted apart to finish showering.

“I’m fine.” I tried to keep my voice light. “Is Eric calling tonight?”

“He just texted and said he’s back in his room.”

We finished showering and dried off, standing side by side. I watched Tracy in the mirror as she combed out her long hair and rubbed lotion on her face. Tracy loved makeup and doing her hair, but I liked seeing her bare face and wet hair after a shower.

She slid into a pair of silky white pajamas, then followed me into the bedroom. I pulled on a pair of flannel pajama pants and a t-shirt. It was too damned cold to go naked, even in the warm house. We climbed onto the bed.

Tracy tied her hair up in a ponytail. “You’re a bad boy, making love to me in this bed.”

I turned on Tracy’s laptop and connected to Eric. 

“Don’t worry, he’ll get over it.”

We had rules and boundaries. Some were hard rules, and some rules were meant to be broken. Technically I wasn’t allowed to fuck Tracy in the master bedroom while Eric was away—unless I wanted to be punished.

And oh yes, I wanted to be punished.

A few seconds later, Eric’s handsome face appeared on the screen, and heat spread through my chest. I missed those green eyes and that chiseled jawline.

“Hey,” Eric’s warm voice filled the room. “Damn, I miss you both.”

Tracy smiled, tiny dimples popping out on her cheeks. I loved the goofy-eyed look she gave her husband. They were so in love.

“We miss you, too,” she said. “I’m glad you’re coming home tomorrow.”

“Looking good, Dawson.”

He gave me a small, sexy wink, his gaze taking in my face and chest. He was still in his white dress shirt, but he started to slowly unbutton it. Eric looked around, taking in the rumpled sheets.

“Messy bed. Wet hair. Flushed cheeks.” He smirked. “So obvious.”

“Congratulations, detective,” I said. “Now get your ass back here so you can join us.”

His deep laugh rumbled through the speaker, warming me to my toes. We talked about work and the weather. When Tracy yawned, we said our goodbyes. She blew a kiss, and Eric blew one back. I put my hand on the screen, and Eric touched his screen.

Corny as hell, but I loved it.

“I’ll see you soon,” he said. “I love you.”

My chest ached with love for Tracy and Eric. They’d invited me into their home, sharing every part of their lives with me. They made me feel so loved and accepted, I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

And the sex…

Mind-blowing, wet, toe-curling sex in every position, with fingers, toys, blindfolds, and a little spanking.

I didn’t know what good sex was until I met Tracy and Eric. Heaven was lying in a soft bed while they kissed and stroked and sucked me, making me come so hard, I nearly passed out.

My cock started coming to life again.

Tracy turned off the computer and put it aside. Turning off the lamp, I joined her under the covers. She nestled into my arms, and I inhaled the fresh scent of her citrus shampoo.

“Eric will punish you for tonight. Wish I could watch.”

Eric wouldn’t allow Tracy to watch our little reunion. After a business trip, he’d spend the night with Tracy, claiming her body again. The next day or two, he’d march into my bedroom, shut the door, and show me all the ways he missed me.

My skin tingled as I imagined Eric’s strong hands on me. His long fingers tying a blindfold over my eyes. Spanking me hard. Scolding me about fucking Tracy in his bed. He’d push me to my knees and drag his thick cock across my lips.

“Damn,” I said. “I’m getting hard just thinking about it.”

“Get some rest. You’ll need it.”

Tracy laid her head on my chest and draped her arm across my waist. The wind blew harder, making the house creak. Beneath the blankets, our body heat kept us warm.

“I’m sure there’s a nice, long shower in your future,” she said. “And a good spanking.”

I grinned and hugged her tight.

I couldn’t wait.

Reviews:Fiona on Goodreads wrote:

"...This book should not be missed..."

Sandass on Amazon wrote:

"Oh how I loved being with this sexy trio again. I love all of them.
Thank you, author Stone, for giving them a few more months of life..."

Melanie S on Goodreads wrote:

"I'm so glad to catch up with Eric, Tracey, and Kyle - my favorite menage a trois...In the end, Kyle finds himself surrounded by all the love he has been missing, from lovers, friends, family, and community. It's an HEA like he never dreamed possible. Don't miss this beautifully written Alt/holiday love story - author Robin Stone's spicy, warm, and sweet gift to menage romance fans everywhere."

One blizzard, one small bed, two ex-lovers. What could go wrong?

Broken-hearted Grant retreats to a cabin in the woods to work on his master’s thesis and escape the sadness of a recent breakup. A blizzard is on the way, but Grant has food, books, and a cozy fireplace. But when a loud knock jolts Grant from his chair, he’s stunned to see his intense ex-boyfriend, Adam…

Adam wants to win back Grant’s love, but it won’t be easy. Harsh words were spoken during their breakup, and Adam’s struggling to heal from his wounded past. Grant wants to start a family, but Adam can’t imagine being a father…

The men cooperate to stay safe and warm during the blizzard, but they can’t deny their feverish attraction. They discuss a future together, but old hurts surface. Can Adam and Grant resolve their differences and have the future they always planned, or will this weekend be their final goodbye?

This is a 20,000 word standalone M/M novella.

This book was a finalist in the novella category in Passionate Ink's Passionate Plume contest in 2018.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing
Reviews:Melanie S. on Amazon wrote:

"Grant and Adam are both believable and likable. They work through things the way committed lovers do. They consider things from the point of view of a life together, rather than 'what's in it for me'. Their love/sex scenes are beautiful, sweet and scorchingly hot, perfectly described by the author's spare and evocative prose. Robin Stone writes some of the most moving and engaging erotica out there, and The Carpenter is one of her very best."

Kashunna on Amazon wrote:

"This book was packed with tension and heat from start to finish. Adam and Grant made my heart soar with the love they shared. It was so sweet you couldn't help but root for them. They were two completely different personalities that fit so well together...I have been in love with Robin Stone since The Carpenter series but I must say, her first attempt at MM was absolutely amazing. I'm forever a fan!!! One-click it, you don't wanna miss this!"

wee bit o' whiskey on wee bit o' whiskey wrote:

"...This tale was able to be both genuinely sweet and feverishly hot. The tender romance was endearing and the erotica oh-so-enticing."

Tanja on Amazon wrote:

"The author captured the emotions of trying to get together after a break up remarkably well: the awkwardness of being together again, the simmering attraction and the still present love for each other. I totally can see this happening in real life."

avid reader on Amazon wrote:

"The sex is very well done and quite hot. The actual making up is understated and not drama laden...I could feel the love coming off the pages."