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Behind The Scenes: The Idea

I’ve started work on the first book in a new series to come out this year. I’ve made some notes about the plot, and I wanted to share a little about how I start a book project.

First, I have to determine if the book is a standalone or a series. I want to start a new series, so I have to decide how the books will be connected. The heroes will be men who work with their hands, of course! I don’t want the men to be related, or to work for the same business, so I decided they all hang out at the same bar in town.

Next, I decide which plot device to use. I’ve been wanting to write a book where a wealthy woman asks a working man used to jeans and t-shirts to accompany her to fancy work functions. It’s kind of a fish-out-of-water story, which is really fun.

I like to write in one of my notebooks at this point. I jot down character names, a plot device (or two), and start making notes about scenes I want to include.

In my next post, I share how I plan my book’s plot.