Book Cover: Toy With Me
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.99
ISBN: 978-1-944514-02-0
Pages: 78

One couple. Six toys. One romantic adventure.

Greg loves coming home after long days swinging a hammer to relax with Anna, his wife of twenty years. He’s planning a romantic weekend away to help reconnect with Anna before their nest empties.

Anna is busy growing her photography business and helping their twin boys prepare for college. When she lands a plum client, Greg reluctantly reschedules the getaway. Sexy time is limited these days, and one lovemaking session seems just like the next…

Until Greg buys a set of sex toys and introduces Anna to a whole new world of pleasure. Can Greg whisk Anna away for a sexy weekend to remind them of the close couple they used to be?

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing


I grabbed my wife’s hips and drove up into her.

“Oh, God, I’m close,” she said.

Anna’s breasts brushed against my chest as she fucked me. A bedspring squeaked. I made a mental note to fix it later.

It was a warm summer day, and I’d left work early. The windows were open, but the blinds were closed. Stripes of afternoon sunlight crossed our bodies. Dim enough so Anna didn’t feel exposed, but enough light for me to see every curve.

I loved watching Anna ride me; her blonde hair swaying, her brown eyes half-closed, her tits bouncing. I tightened my hold on her hips. She let out a low moan and leaned forward, grinding her clit against my shaft.


I captured a nipple in my mouth. Anna gripped my shoulders and increased her speed, working like hell to get to her destination.

“Greg,” she whispered. “So good.”

I shook with the effort of holding back. Anna’s pussy clenched, and a fresh wave of wetness ran down my balls. She rocked faster, racing to the finish.

Ten seconds to blast off. Nine, eight, seven—

My phone rang. Anna slowed her thrusting, then paused. It rang a few more times, then went to voice mail.

“Don’t stop.” I put my palms on her cheeks. “Look at me, honey.”

Fucking work. I told them not to call unless it was an emergency.

Right now my only emergency was getting my wife off for the first time in three weeks. 

Anna closed her eyes and started rocking again, but she lost her rhythm. I gave her a light slap on the ass, and her pace quickened.

That’s my girl, racing for the finish. After nearly twenty years together, we knew each other’s moves. I knew how to make her scream. How to make her squirm and beg for more.   

Anna moaned, and her movements grew jerky. I put my arms around her waist and held her tightly. Her skin grew slick in my hands.

My concentration broke when a loud truck rumbled down our street, but I refocused on Anna’s cries of pleasure. The truck stopped in front of the house. Seconds later, a car pulled into the driveway. Anna stilled. Car doors opened and shut.

The side door opened, and heavy footsteps thundered through the kitchen.

“Mom? Dad?” 

“Shit,” I said.

Anna launched off me and hid beneath the sheet. Our bedroom door was unlocked.

“They weren’t supposed to come home until after the concert!” she said.

“They know not to come in.” But I threw the covers over my still-hard cock, just in case. 

“What is it?” Anna called. She grabbed her bra and shoved her arms through the straps.

“Delivery,” a deep voice answered. Sam. “Someone needs to sign for a package. Can I do it?”

“I’ll be right down.” Anna yanked on her shirt.

I hated to see those luscious curves disappear. Anna had a sweet hourglass figure with full breasts and hips. She mourned the loss of her thinner figure after having the kids, but I found her sexier than ever.

Anna pulled up her pants. Happy time was over. My cock started to deflate.

“Can’t he do it, Anna? He’s old enough.”

“It’s my new lens. I need to check it before I sign.”

I sighed. Cockblocked by a seventeen-year old. And the delivery guy.

No tip for him this Christmas.

Anna rushed down the stairs.

“Try again later?” I asked, but she didn’t answer.

Anna’s photography business was taking off. She shot family portraits, babies, and anniversary parties. She’d booked a few small weddings for fall. Her photos were bright and casual, and she had a knack for capturing her subject’s essence. Word of mouth spread, and she was getting more clients than she could handle.

She started the business six years ago as a creative outlet and a way to help save for college. All the hard work I’d poured into my construction company finally paid off. We did fine, but the projected college bills—times two—were staggering.

“Dad?” Sam called. “Are you home?”

“Just a minute.”

Voices floated up the stairs. Anna, thanking the delivery guy. Sam and Jack, bickering. I stood up and dressed. I ran my fingers through my hair, wondering if we’d go an entire month without sex.

It was always something. Overtime. New clients. Visiting schools with Sam and Jack. Too much laundry. Too much everything. We were close to breaking our dry spell until kiddus interruptus.

The boys climbed the stairs and knocked. I opened the door.

“What is it?”

“Uh, Dad?” Jack spoke first. “Can we borrow some money?”

I leaned against the door frame. “Didn’t you two just get a paycheck?”

Sam stood behind his brother, rocking on his heels. Both had the same shaggy hairstyle that covered their eyes. They shared Anna’s dark eyes and full mouth, but had my brown hair and wiry build.

“Yeah, but we bought new tires for the car, remember? The concert tickets are paid for, but we could use a little extra for food.” Sam patted his stomach. “Growing boys.”

I reached for my wallet. “I’m pretty low today, but take this. Share.”

Jack took the money and grinned. “Thanks, Dad. We’ll pay you back next payday.”

“No you won’t.” I watched them storm down the stairs like a herd of buffalo.

“Bye, Mom!” Doors slammed, and the car pulled out of the driveway. Anna came back upstairs.

“That’s it?” I asked. “They came back to hit me up for cash?”

“And raid the fridge.”

It was hard to keep food in the house. Food was our third largest bill after college tuition and the mortgage.

Anna put her arms around my waist. “Can we try again later?”

I leaned over and kissed her cheek. Her warm skin smelled like my aftershave. “I’m game.”

“How about pizza and a movie later?” She stifled a yawn.

“Sure,” I said. “Sounds good.”

Maybe after the movie I’d bring Anna upstairs and pull her clothes off. Maybe I’d go down on her and make her scream. Maybe I’d break out the massage oil.

More than likely, we’d eat pizza and complain about indigestion. Stumble upstairs and take off our clothes…and fall asleep before our heads hit the pillow.

Hey, a guy could dream.


Four hours after pizza and the latest blockbuster, we snuggled in bed. I curled my body around Anna and held her close.

A small fan whirred on the dresser, and the curtains swayed in the breeze. The temperature had reached the high seventies, warm enough to keep the windows open at night.

I stroked Anna’s hair. This was my favorite time of day: holding her and talking before we fell asleep. “What do you think it’ll be like after the kids leave?”

Anna shifted, avoiding my eyes. Our empty nest loomed. I put my finger beneath her chin until she looked at me.

“Do you ever wonder…”

“If there’s more to life than this?” Her voice was low. Hesitant.

“Yeah. More than working and paying bills. Seems like we’re always working.”

“It’s a busy time,” Anna said. “I’m picking up more clients. The boys have so many activities…”

“I know. But I can leave Joe in charge once in a while and come home early.”

Anna drew circles on my chest with her finger. “I wish we’d finished earlier.”

“Me, too.”

I put my hand on the back of Anna’s neck and kissed her. I kept my kisses soft and gentle. She relaxed and kissed me back, but I sensed some hesitation. She pulled away.

“Sorry, honey, I’m exhausted.” She pulled the covers up to her chin. “Tomorrow night, okay?” 

“Alright.” I shifted to my back and stared at the ceiling. Anna turned to her side, facing away from me. 

What happened to our spark? I wanted Anna more than ever, but each day we found another excuse to put off making love.

Damn, we were so close today. 

I wanted to finish…not just to get off, but to feel close. I missed our close sexual contact. I loved relaxing in Anna’s arms after a long day at work.

My chest ached when I thought about Sam and Jack leaving for school. I’d miss them. But I worried about Anna. She was prone to tears ever since the first round of college brochures came in the mail.

Over the years, we had times when sex was sparse. After having twins. When I worked all hours, getting my business off the ground. When one of us was tired, sick, or not in the mood.

But we’d need each other when the kids were gone. I planned a weekend getaway, but we had to cancel. We hadn’t had a weekend to ourselves in years.

Anna snuggled closer, pressing her butt against my hip. I loved sleeping beside her, feeling her warm body against mine. Listening to the sounds of her breathing.

But tonight, I’d never felt so alone. 

Reviews:Amy on Amazon wrote:

The book is told from Greg's point of view and adds a new dimension to the story. Anna and Greg are reaching a different time in their life as their kids are getting ready to leave the house. Greg is determined to spice up their married life by adding some toys to their sex life. An enjoyable story as a couple find themselves as a married couple without kids.

Elizabeth on Amazon wrote:

This was a sexy, realistic story of a married couple finding their passion again after life's daily routines and changes takes its toll. I found it so refreshing to read a story that touches on a time that gets overlooked in the fairytale and happily ever after of romance novels. Some scenes were so steamy and delicious I found myself going back to re-read them again!

Sandy H. on Amazon wrote:

It's hot and sexy and shouldn't be missed; there are never enough books written about the older couple, so this for me was a nice surprise...Well written and edited, a really good story line and well worth a read...

Kathy W on Goodreads wrote:

This is the first book by Robin Stone I have read and I liked it very much...I liked the story, I liked the characters, it is very well written and the sex scenes are awesome 🙂 This is a great couples read! Every husband and wife, or any couple could learn a thing or two from these characters. I love when the couples are so in love that they go the extra mile for each other and realize what they have and don't want to lose it.