A holiday he'll always remember...

Two years have passed since Kyle accepted Tracy and Eric Dawson’s ring and swore to love them forever. Kyle enjoys keeping his lovers warm as they prepare for the holidays and wait for their summer commitment ceremony.

But when the Dawsons suggest holding the ceremony on New Year’s Eve instead, Kyle hesitates. Tracy and Eric’s parties are legendary, but a lavish ceremony isn’t his style.

When his landscaping trucks are vandalized, Kyle fears he’s being targeted for his polyamorous lifestyle. Can Kyle keep Tracy and Eric safe, and will they finally get their Happily Ever After?

The Landscaper’s Christmas is an MMF erotic romance and is book 5 in The Landscaper series. Click here to purchase books 1-4.

Publisher: Summer Night Publishing

Excerpt from my upcoming Landscaper book: The Landscaper's Christmas. Unedited and subject to change!

The airport parking lot was crammed, and it took me forever to find a spot. The temperature had dropped, and I zipped my coat for the long walk into the building.

I followed the signs, weaving around people streaming for the exits to beat the snow.

I checked my watch and paced, watching the display screens that showed arrivals and departures. Eric’s flight had landed. Several business men passed, wearing suits and carrying winter coats. Moms with babies struggled with diaper bags and suitcases. A group of chattering teens swarmed, laughing and singing the newest hit song.

I stood on my toes, looking over the crowd. A few minutes passed. A large group of people walked toward me, blocking my view, but when they parted, I saw him.


Salt-and pepper hair, with a little more salt than past years. He wore a white button-down shirt, and his blue tie was loose. Dark pants, shoes, and a perfectly-fitted coat finished off his catalog-model looks.

My clothes suddenly felt too warm, and I tugged off my hat. My heartbeat kicked up a notch as I waited for him to look at me.

“Eric,” I called.

My voice was swallowed by the din of the terminal.

He scanned the crowd for his driver and frowned. He brought his rolling suitcase to a stop, and checked his phone.

Eric Dawson didn’t like to wait for anyone.

He looked up again, and his eyes finally met mine. He blinked, and his mouth curved into a sexy-as-sin smile just for me. I let out a long breath, relieved to have him in my orbit again. I walked toward him and lifted my arms. He released his suitcase and lifted his arms, too.


I inhaled his heavenly Eric-smell: the woodsy cologne he favored, combined with the musk of his skin. His smooth cheek rubbed against my scruff.

“I missed you,” I said.

I tightened my embrace, savoring the solid feel of his body against mine. I had a helluva week with Tracy, but when Eric was gone, I didn’t feel whole.

“Missed you, too.”

He pressed a quick kiss on my lips, sending a jolt of heat up my spine. I pictured him in bed, crawling up my body and leaving a trail of wet kisses on my skin.

*COMING IN 2019!*