Robin Stone

I started writing stories when I was five years old. I wrote essays, articles and and over a million words of nonfiction before turning to fiction in 2011. I watched erotic romance authors having way too much fun, and after writing my first erotic romance, I was hooked.

I write about sexy handy man heroes who work with their hands and the women who lust after them. My imagination is filled with delivery men, landscapers, carpenters, etc. Don’t worry, ladies, there’s enough to go around! I currently have seven novellas and a box set on all major retailers. See my books page for links.

I live outside of Boston and like travel, reading, and eating good chocolate. I love hearing from my readers.


Should I read your books in a certain order?

Delivery Man, Toy With Me, The Painters, and The Carpenter are standalone novellas. The Landscaper Series should be read in order:

Book 1: The Landscaper, Book 2: Landscaper in Lust, Book 3: Landscaper in Love, and Book 4: Landscaper in Paradise

For more information, see my books page.

Are your characters based on you or anyone I know?


When will your books be available in print?

The Landscaper Series is now in print! You can buy it on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Sign up for my newsletter for announcements about future print editions.

Will you attend my writer or reader conference?

Yes, I’ll consider attending conferences. Please contact me to discuss.

How can I find out about your new releases?

Sign up for my newsletter to hear about new releases and read excerpts, or follow me on Facebook and Twitter.

Where do you get your ideas?

I get ideas from reading, TV, and movies. I think about characters I like and say “What if she…” I saw a cute delivery man one day and wondered “What if he had a fling with a client?” and Delivery Man was born.

Who are some of your favorite writers of erotica and erotic romance?

Too many to name, but I like: Selena Kitt, Penny Wylder, Taryn Quinn, Patient Lee, Em Petrova, Jane Rylon, and Erica Wilde.

What TV shows do you like?

I love well-written TV shows with strong female characters like: Suits, Shades of Blue, Veronica Mars, Firefly, The Walking Dead, Major Crimes, and Timeless.

Does your husband read your books?

Yes, and he loves them.

Why do you write about sex?

Because I can.