I write erotic romance featuring blue collar heroes. Landscapers, delivery men, carpenters, painters…I love a man in a tool belt. A man who’s not afraid to get dirty.

Most of my books are written from the man’s point of view. My heroines are photographers, real estate agents, business owners, mothers and wives. They’re women who love sex and aren’t afraid to ask for what they want in bed.

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A holiday he’ll always remember…The Landscaper's Christmas

Two years have passed since Kyle accepted Tracy and Eric Dawson’s ring and swore to love them forever. Kyle enjoys keeping his lovers warm as they prepare for the holidays and wait for their summer commitment ceremony.

But when the Dawsons suggest holding the ceremony on New Year’s Eve instead, Kyle hesitates. Tracy and Eric’s parties are legendary, but a lavish ceremony isn’t his style.

When his landscaping trucks are vandalized, Kyle fears he’s being targeted for his polyamorous lifestyle. Can Kyle keep Tracy and Eric safe, and will they finally get their Happily Ever After?

The Landscaper’s Christmas is an MMF erotic romance and the 5th book in The Landscaper series. Click here to purchase books 1-4.

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“The sex is hot and steamy and best enjoyed in a non-public location!” – Ruthie, Wicked Reads Reviews

“How could a story of polyamory end happily, with all parties satisfied? Robin Stone nailed it…
The Landscaper is one of the best series of erotica I’ve read.” – Patient Lee, Writerotica

“This book should come with batteries.” – Paige, Goodreads

“The sex is steamy and hot and sweltering and… wait, let me get my thesaurus for more words that mean HOT HOT HOT.” – Brenda, Goodreads

“Be prepared for a roller-coaster of emotions with this one. One minute I was putting the book down to go have me time, and the next I was in tears crying with the characters on the page. Such a beautiful story…” – Katherine, Goodreads

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Click here to purchase books 1-4.